Romy Ilano

iOS Developer / Creator

Test Automation Work

I offer the advantage of knowing both the Objective-C and being able to conduct both black box and white box testing. Familiar with all aspects of Xcode, I can dive into unit testing either through XCTest (native) and speak appropriately with development teams about what's needed in the code to produce the most efficient testing process.

I've worked on test automation projects, a challenging area for iOS development in particular. I've written UI testing code in UIAutomation, Apple's JavaScript framework, and have completed automated tests for integration testing as well.

I also have met many people who have actually made some of the popular testing frameworks and through networking with brilliant iOS developers in the SF Bay Area understand the benefits and disadvantages of working with various services such as KIF, Appium, and so on.

  • Roles: Writing BDD Unit Tests with Kiwi, Coding iOS Test Automation Code, Coding JavaScript Integration Testing Network to Connect with REST API, Experience Creating XCTests
  • Frameworks:

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