Romy Ilano

iOS Developer / Creator

Bento Rock

Bento Rock is a healthy eating app for kids. Instead of nagging children to eat vegetables, Bento Rock turns each meal into a creative work of art. Kids take photographs of their food with guidance from veggie avatars and can even draw on photos of their plate as well. Afterwards the young artists can share their meals with their friends and family on social media.

Bento Rock was my first sole programming project ever and I finished it in a blaze of glory in three months. I was fortunate enough to receive mentorship from iOS Developers as well as encouragement from many great women developers who told me to "just suck it up and learn Objective-C, it's not that hard.""

  • Role: Coding, Product, UX, Illustration
  • Client: Snowyla
  • Year: 2013

Bento Rock Drawing Exercises
Drawing Exercises Encourage Kids to Make Healthy Food Choices
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