Romy Ilano, iOS Developer

Hello, my name is Romy Ilano,
and I want to build with you!

iOS Software Developer, Hacker, Artist



My Github

VLAB Mobile App Prototype

HTML5 Prototype for
MIT/Stanford Venture Labs
using jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch
best viewed on mobile phone

Rapid Prototype: Mobile Wireframe for Healthy Eating

About Me

I have worked in the mobile industry since 2005, on everything from the ringtones to Scarface mobile games to enterprise corporate board collaboration apps. My heart belongs in San Francisco, Berlin and New York, and I've lived in each place about six or seven years. Right now I'm in the Bay Area and loving it!

I enjoy drawing, painting and playing at hackerspaces such as SudoRoom and Noisebridge.

Skills: Native iOS Coding, web development, version control, Adobe Photoshop, Product Management, UX Design, Graphic Design, Illustration


You can reach me at info at